Team Capital provide acquisitive management seeking to procure high potential businesses with a bespoke solution through a fully integrated introductory service.

As part of Team Capital Group, a leading Executive Advisory & Counsel firm, we are uniquely positioned to connect to a substantial and distinguished network of portfolio client companies, target organisations and Senior Executives.  Moreover, our research capability and industry focus is further supported by full-time Analysts across North America, Europe & Asia, enabling us to source new prospects.

With our international resources and our philosophy to sourcing opportunities, Team Capital’s offering incorporates a complete in-house turn key solution from inception to completion, confidentiality seen as critical to the process.

To assist our clients in making the right decision, we provide a range of value added service offerings. Whether it be tools to assess the suitability of second-tier management, cultural auditing services to evaluate synergies between two company environments, or analysing the respective strengths of an outgoing management team, Team Capital Executive Advisory & Counsel Services® incorporate proprietary assessment methodology to provide the insight required.

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