As the dedicated portal of the Aerospace & Defence Practice of Team Capital Group, we are able to offer our Senior Executives unrivalled expertise in developing a high value Strategic Platform for making well informed Executive Decisions. Our goal is to generate opportunities for our Executives by bringing together the experience of our team of advisers positioned around the globe, with new strategic recommendations and a proprietary insight into high potential Executive opportunity in the Aerospace & Defence market place. Through an ongoing research process, state of the art technology and market intelligence, used in conjunction with our network of business leaders, international scale and the expertise of our people, we offer a global perspective and local insight into niche players, current trends, new technologies and challenges leading to the creation of real, sustainable opportunity for our Senior Executives.

In the post 9/11 world the aerospace supply chain is shifting to meet the demands of a market characterised by continuing consolidation (Europe/USA) and increasing competition. The civil aviation sector is faced with reduced travel and more “low cost” carriers whilst defence activities and budgets are being re-examined. With a transfer of risk towards the private sector (defence) and a move towards more comprehensive customer solutions, primes (assemblers) and Tier 1 suppliers are responding to this new model.

It is anticipated that assemblers will focus on solutions from design to maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) with a particular consideration for the retention of intellectual property and complex systems such as the avionics. Major system integration is expected to take on greater significance as is the role of brand development. Tier 1 suppliers are likely to respond by an improved management of supply chains with a provision of funds for investment in product development and tooling: i.e. risk sharing. As has already been the case in the automotive market, Tiers 2 and 3 could lose their access to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and will be hit by the cost down pressures.

These changing business models and the cyclical nature of the industry are furthermore influencing Executive talent requirements. In this environment of globalization, regulatory pressures, outsourcing and intense competition, the A&D sector demands leaders who demonstrate exceptional strategy and leadership qualities.

Team Capital is committed to working exclusively at Executive & Board level. Our edge is centered around an ability to leverage the local insight of a geographically focused top-flight team with high-level market intelligence.

The result: a broader view of potential Executive opportunity and deeper level of expertise, creating value for Team Capital’s portfolio companies that translates into superior returns for our Executives. Team Capital’s philosophy, powerful reach and relationships used in conjunction with disciplined processes & methodologies continue to generate extraordinary potential for its Senior Executives.

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