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At Team Capital, we are proud of our leading role in the world of business leader and personality representation. Business leaders face unrelenting competitive pressures, changing market dynamics and ever-demanding shareholder expectations. We understand this and offer a tailored and confidential representation service suited to you.

Our representation model enables business leaders to maximise their potential within their discipline and market space.  Leading executives value the access we provide to corporate brands, SMEs and our local experts. We pride ourselves on leveraging our unrivalled experience and relationships to secure creative and unique leadership opportunities on behalf of Chairmen, Chief Executive Officers, Vice Presidents, Non-Executive directors and Senior Executives.

From contract negotiations and endorsement programmes to personal brand development and day-to-day management, our philosophy is based on teamwork and a tailored and confidential representation.

Our expertise and passion lie in shaping the careers of the world’s best. We represent some of the world’s most successful business leaders.
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