As the dedicated portal of the Finance Practice of Team Capital Group, we are able to offer our Senior Executives unrivalled expertise in developing a high value Strategic Platform for making well informed Executive Decisions. Our goal is to generate opportunities for our Executives by bringing together the experience of our team of advisers positioned around the globe, with new strategic recommendations and a proprietary insight into high potential Executive opportunity in the Finance market place. Through an ongoing research process, state of the art technology and market intelligence, used in conjunction with our network of business leaders, international scale and the expertise of our people, we offer a global perspective and local insight into niche players, current trends, new technologies and challenges leading to the creation of real, sustainable opportunity for our Senior Executives.

The financial services industry has come under increased regulatory scrutiny with continued profitability in the banking sector and promising results in the insurance and asset management sectors. All sectors of the industry have continued to focus on improving corporate governance practices in line with the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

In these times of greater regulatory scrutiny, financial services firms from around the world are relying on Team Capital to connect them to outstanding international Executive talent with a focus on only the most trustworthy executives – from finance directors through to CEOs, with a proven track record in their discipline.

Recruiting Senior Executives for private equity firms, Team Capital clients also approach us to secure the right talent and skills associated with managing portfolio companies and coordinating deal-related due diligence.

Team Capital is committed to working exclusively at Executive & Board level. Our edge is centered around an ability to leverage the local insight of a geographically focused top-flight team with high-level market intelligence.

The result: a broader view of potential Executive opportunity and deeper level of expertise, creating value for Team Capital’s portfolio companies that translates into superior returns for our Executives. Team Capital’s philosophy, powerful reach and relationships used in conjunction with disciplined processes & methodologies continue to generate extraordinary potential for its Senior Executives.

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