From Team Capital

We want you to understand how we work with you and what it takes for us to build a successful working partnership together. Ultimately, an informed and engaged Executive is our most valuable asset.

▪ We succeed only by guiding you to success

▪ Your focal point of contact with us is through your Special Adviser. We will ensure the necessary resources of our firm behind your adviser to help you reach your goals

▪ Your team of Advisers and Portfolio Professionals are committed to understanding your individual needs, your tolerance for risk, timescales and any other factors which may impact our recommendations

▪ We will provide guidance and counsel to Executives regarding high potential businesses to operate, acquire or invest in

▪ Your Special Adviser will assist you to set realistic expectations regarding the long-term potential and your ultimate performance capability

▪ Your Adviser will be available for regular feedback and updates about the status of your Strategic Search Program

▪ We will provide timely transaction information which accurately reflects the potential positions and opportunities you hold through our firm

▪ We will communicate to you our policies which protect your privacy and comply with current international data protection laws

▪ We will treat any concerns you may have as priority; any issues which are not promptly resolved by your Portfolio Professional, Advisor or his or her Director, must be passed on to our Client Advocate available at

From You

Working together to reach your goals requires a commitment from you as well.

▪ Provide your Team Capital Advisor with all relevant information about your current executive position, goals, risk tolerances and time horizon as well as changes to this information

▪ Communicate with your Advisor regularly to review your situation and potential opportunities

▪ Approve or decline your Advisor’s recommendations on a timely basis

▪ Personally review and understand your portfolio of opportunities, search strategy and materials provided to you

▪ Understand that all career moves have some degree of risk

▪ Ask questions if you are uncertain about any aspect of your opportunities with Team Capital

▪ Provide us with direct, timely feedback on how we are doing and how we can continue to improve our service to you.
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