As a leading privately held, executive advisory firm, Team Capital is the only company to provide a fully integrated turnkey solution to Senior Executives and High Net Worth Individuals. Team Capital brings an unrivalled expertise and new level of precision to the representation of senior management.

Team Capital continues to garner praise from industry leaders and customers for an approach that no other firm has conceived; Senior Executives worldwide choose Team Capital for counsel prior to making major professional, life changing decisions.

Why Team Capital?

▪ Team Capital is committed to working solely at Executive & Board level

▪ Our exclusive network delivers powerful reach, relationships and sector expertise enabling us to connect to a substantial and distinguished group of target companies and executive talent

▪ We are further extending and actively building our partnerships with Venture Capital firms and Private Equity Houses across 9 niche practices and markets

▪ We have advisers positioned around the globe providing a total view of the market, niche players, current trends, new technologies and challenges leading to the creation of real, sustainable opportunity for our Senior Executives

▪ We provide comprehensive coverage of each industry to help you address these trends & challenges and take advantage of executive opportunities

▪ Our depth of Knowledge and industry focus is supported by full-time Analysts across North America, Europe & Asia

▪ Not reliant on our business network, extensive systems and highly developed processes, research tools and technology, key to our approach is a proactive, targeted and individually tailored Search Strategy for our executives

▪ Team Capital Executive Advisory & Counsel Services® incorporates proprietary assessment methodology providing valuable insights into executive capabilities so as to enhance their success as a leader

▪ We do not rely on third parties, our offering incorporates a complete in-house turn key solution from inception to completion, confidentiality seen as critical to the process

▪ With access to an unmatched quality of executive opportunity, we encourage a true partnership with our clients to ensure they meet their growth objectives

▪ We have a team approach to client interaction: Thorough evaluation of project deliverables and one-on-one Interaction with all our teams to ensure effective and executable executive strategy

▪ We have a highly skilled Consulting and Research Team with strong education backgrounds from top universities and the knowledge and experience to make informed decisions

▪ Our expert advisers are highly regarded and experienced in their fields

▪ Team Capital clients are able to leverage our services to help them gain a competitive advantage and benefit from high level executive opportunity
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